Lexington Business Credit

Lexington Business Credit provides real estate backed loans to small businesses throughout the United States.

There are nearly 30 million small businesses in the United States. Small businesses drive job creation, productivity, general economic development and old fashioned American community standards throughout our cities, neighborhoods, and towns. Yet despite the aggregate size of this part of our economy, Small Businesses are woefully underserved by the established banking community.

Lexington Business Credit was founded to provide America’s small businesses with the capital necessary for them to not just grow, but to thrive. It is our goal to provide creditworthy businesses with the capital necessary in the short time frame required for small businesses to successfully seize opportunities for prudent growth and development.

Lexington Business Credit generally provides commercial loans of up to $1.5 million in as little as seven to ten working days. Our loans are typically secured at 65% or less loan to value of real estate collateral. We will consider any real estate collateral regardless of relationship to the venture, as long as the funds are used solely for commercial purposes.

Lexington Business Credit was founded and funded by business people for business people. LXTCH accepts no federal money or federally insured funds. Our independent funding source allows us to work flexibly and quickly with borrowers.

Lexington Business Credit - Funding Small Business Ownership, the True American Dream.

Why Choose Lexington Business Credit

100% Reliable

Like the legendary racehorse Lexington, Lexington Business Credit will be there for you day in and day out to assist with your business finance needs!

Client Oriented Philosophy

Nothing matters more to us than the satisfaction of our clients. You will be our priority!

Quick & Efficient

Lexington was known for not only his speed, but also his superior body control and agility. We operate accordingly, with world class speed using tried and true business strategies.

Years of Experience

Our lenders have more than 25 years of business finance experience. Your business is unique and we will develop a financial package that is right for you!